Attention Indiana Parents: Fisher-Price Recalls Popular Infant Sleeper

Parents assume that the products they purchase for their children are safe. However, that is not always the case. Too often, manufacturers rush products to market without having conducted the necessary safety testing. When it comes to products marketed toward children, any risk is unacceptable. Indiana parents should know that manufacturers can be held liable for any injuries caused by their product through an Indiana product liability lawsuit.

On April 12, 2019, Fisher-Price issued a recall of its popular infant sleeper, the Rock ‘n Play. The Rock n’ Play is a compact, foldable sleeper that is unique in that it allows infants to lie at a 30-degree angle while sleeping. The company marketed the product to parents hoping to get their babies to sleep longer, which is a significant concern for many parents of young children. Since Fisher-Price released the product in 2009, it is estimated that it has sold over 4.7 million units.

According to a recent article by the Washington Post, the Rock ‘n Play was manufactured and released to market with a complete dearth of clinical research into the product’s safety. The company appears to have only consulted with a single doctor in the creation of the product, a doctor whose medical license was later revoked. It was not until eight years later that Fisher-Price hired a pediatrician to look into the safety of the Rock ‘n Play.

When the company announced the Rock ‘n Play recall back in April, it was after a series of reports that infants died while using the sleeper. Evidently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the government agency that was tasked with coordinating the recall, indicated infants who are placed in the sleeper and not strapped in can roll over, depriving them of oxygen. In total, there have been over 30 reported fatalities.

Fisher-Price has responded to these reports by noting that the Rock ‘n Play complied with all applicable U.S. regulations and safety standards. However, the company failed to acknowledge why it researched, developed, manufactured, and released a product to market that dealt with one of the most dangerous situations parents of young children face – sleeping. With over 2,000 babies dying each year due to SIDS, safety is a crucial aspect of products dealing with infant sleep.

Has Your Child Been Injured?

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