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Back on September 22 of this year, two passengers in a van were killed when the van’s tire blew out, causing the vehicle to crash. According to one local Indiana news source, police took the blood of the man who was driving the van and are awaiting the results of those tests to see if criminal charges are appropriate. However, two civil cases have already been filed against the driver by two people who were injured in the accident. Other civil suits may be filed in the near future.

What Caused the Accident?

The van involved in the accident was designed to hold 16 passengers, but authorities reported that there were 24 people inside at the time of the crash. While prosecutors believe that there was some undetermined substance in the driver’s blood, that has not yet been determined at this point.

What is known is that the tire on the van blew out, causing the van to crash. Some of the surviving victims told reporters and police that the driver was drag racing at the time of the accident, and this may have contributed to the accident. There also may be an issue as to the condition of the tire because it was noted that the van was in poor condition generally, with a long wooden board attached to the rear of the vehicle to act as a bumper.

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