Cold Weather and Holiday Libations Can Make for Dangerous Roads

The holiday season is a time to spend time and celebrate with loved ones. Sometimes this celebration takes the form of drinking. When it does, it is critically important that we all do so responsibly and find alternate methods of transportation other than driving.Many recent stories warn holiday travelers to make sure they practice safe driving over the holidays and especially to refrain from drinking and driving. The dangers on the road this time of year are numerous, and certain precautions should be taken due to the ever present possibility that a seemingly dry road is covered in ice. For example:

  • Be sure to keep about a 3 second distance between you and the car in front of you. This distance should be increased in icy or snowy conditions.
  • When in doubt of whether you are within the legal limit, call a friend for a ride home, or stay where you are until you are safe to drive.
  • Be sure not to drive when fatigued.
  • Be sure all of your attention is focused on the road.

    Be Sure to Practice Safe Driving this Holiday Season

    Many Indianans have time off of work for the holiday season. This may create a temptation to stay out a little later, drink a little more, and be a little less responsible. However, the truth is that drinking and driving is never a good idea, especially when roads can be covered in ice during this time of the year.

    In addition, State and local police are often out in larger numbers during the last few weeks of the year, for exactly this reason. Be sure to play it safe and, when in doubt, call a cab or ask a sober friend for a ride. Getting into an accident isn’t worth the risk.

    Have You Been a Victim of Another’s Drunk Driving?

    If you have recently been the victim of another driver’s drunk or negligent driving, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. The compensation that you may be eligible for is specifically to cover your past medical bills, future medical expenses, as well as any pain and suffering that you experienced due to the accident. As an accident victim, you have certain rights; be sure to enforce them.

    What To Do If You Have Been Involved in a Drunk Driving Accident

    If you have been involved in an auto accident over this holiday season that you believe was due to another driver’s drunk or negligent driving, you should seek the counsel of an experienced and dedicated Indiana personal injury attorney immediately.

    The laws of negligence are not always as straightforward as they may seem, and if you have recently been involved in an accident, the best thing to do is to contact an Indiana personal injury law firm to discuss the facts of your specific case. In cases of drunk driving accidents, the law is on the victim’s side and allows for monetary recovery-sometimes in quite substantial amounts. Call 888-532-7766 to speak with an Indiana auto accident attorney today, or you can use this easy to navigate website.

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