Dozens Injured, Several Killed in Massive Indiana Traffic Accident

A few weeks ago in LaPorte County, a massive accident took the lives of several motorists and injured dozens more. According to a report by FOX 59, the police named heavy snowfall and high winds as leading causes of the accident that involved cars, pick-up trucks, and semi-trucks.When emergency crews arrived, they found several people stuck in their cars. Some people were trapped in their vehicles for hours while rescue workers attempted to free them. So many people were involved in the accident that two city buses were dispatched to the scene to bus the accident victims to warming stations and to the hospital. At the time of the article’s publication, it was believed that at least 30 vehicles were involved in the gigantic accident.

Record Winter Still Causing Traffic Problems Across Indiana

No one can argue that this is one of the harshest winters Indiana has seen in years. The cold temperatures and the relentless rain, sleet, and snow have created a veritable mess on Indiana highways for what seems like months now. Every other week there are multiple-car accidents or pileups caused by the inclement weather. While the weather should relent in the coming weeks, it’s difficult to say for sure when Spring will come.

Drivers Are Still Responsible in Inclement Weather

Although the bad weather makes it more difficult to drive, the weather is not an excuse when it comes to determining who caused an accident. This is because drivers are expected to slow down when the conditions are poor for driving. For example, in a winter storm, roads may be slick or icy, visibility may be low, and roads may be more congested than normal. For all these reasons, motorists should be driving more slowly and more carefully than normal.

In some cases, a driver may escape fault for unmarked and unexpected hazards, such as black ice. However, if that is not the case if the driver was traveling at a speed that was unreasonable for the conditions. Reasonableness of speed given the conditions is often the main determination when comes down to when determining who is at fault for a wintertime accident.

Have You Been Involved in an Indiana Auto Accident?

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