The Dual Dangers of Pharmacy Errors

Whenever someone takes a prescription medication they receive from their doctor to a pharmacy, they trust that the medication provided to them is exactly what the doctor ordered. However, that is not always the case. Pharmacy errors are shockingly common across the United States and vary in severity from those that are caught before the medication is ingested to those resulting in serious injury or even death in some cases.

The possibility of a pharmacy error resulting in serious injury or death depends on several variables. Two of the most important of those are what medication is mistakenly given to the patient and what medication the patient should have been prescribed. These two variables can explain most of the injuries that occur after a pharmacist’s mistake.

Whenever a person is given a medication that they were not prescribed, there is a chance that their body will not react well to the new and unprescribed medication. For example, a doctor has not evaluated the patient’s tolerance to that drug, and it is very possible that there could be an adverse reaction to the prescribed medication.

The other aspect of a pharmacy error that may contribute to a serious or fatal injury is the fact that the patient is not getting the medication that the doctor prescribed. Presumably, doctors only prescribe medication that is necessary for the patient’s health. By providing a patient with a different, unprescribed medication, the plaintiff is not getting the medication that they need to treat their condition. This may result in serious health concerns.

A Recent Pharmacy Error Resulted in a Patient’s Exacerbated Symptoms

Earlier last month, a pharmacist provided a patient with the wrong medication, resulting in worsening symptoms of depression. According to one local news source, the patient gave the pharmacist a prescription for an anti-depressant. Evidently, she was about to embark on a three-month trip and was trying to get the necessary medication prior to her departure.

However, instead of giving her the prescribed medication, the pharmacist filling the prescription provided her with a heart medication instead. A few months later, she noticed that her depression symptoms had worsened, and she was unable to find a job. She attributed the worsening of her symptoms to the fact that she came off her depression medicine so abruptly. Eventually, a doctor discovered the error. However, when confronted., the pharmacist said that he had no explanation for the error.

Have You Been the Victim of a Pharmacist’s Mistake?

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