Fatal Indiana Car Crash Results in Truck Driver Being Charged with Nine Felonies

Driving on a busy interstate can be dangerous, so it’s always important to engage in defensive driving and to be proactive and alert on the road. However, one can only do so much to be safe, and Indiana car accidents will still occur even when a motorist is exercising the most caution possible. Thus, when a car crash occur sunexpectedly, especially as a result of negligence from the responsible party and cause fatalities, those who are at fault in these collisions can be held accountable.

In a recent news report, an Indiana truck driver was charged with nine felonies related to an Interstate 70 accident. The driver had previously been arrested three times for drug possession in another state and was jailed following the accident. He was charged with four Level 4 felony counts of operating while intoxicated and causing death, four Level 5 felony counts of reckless homicide, and one Level 4 felony count of driving while intoxicated and causing a catastrophic injury. The tragic car accident resulted in the death of four children.

Following the accident, results of a urine test taken hours after the accident came back positive for the presence of marijuana, amphetamines, and ecstasy in the driver’s system. Despite completing a drug treatment program after being arrested for possession of heroin previously in another state and multiple other drug-related offenses, the legal system failed to keep this man off the roads until this fatal accident.

In Indiana, fatal car accidents are no stranger to our roads. Drivers can exercise the utmost caution to keep themselves and their passengers safe, but still end up in an accident because of another’s negligence. Following a tragic accident, filing a legal claim may be the furthest thing from your mind. However, time is of the essence – the sooner you file a claim, the sooner you can begin the process towards recovering compensation for your loss. These compensatory awards can help pay for medical expenses, long-term healthcare needs, and emotional damages.

Car accidents involving substance abuse can often be complicated and challenging to navigate following a loss. This is why potential plaintiffs are encouraged to seek out an experienced personal injury lawyer who is compassionate and empathetic to what you and your loved ones are going through and will be able to guide you on the path to recovery with ease.

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