Fog Blamed in Northwest Indiana Fatal Accident

Earlier this month in St. John, one man was killed in a single-vehicle accident that investigators say was likely caused due to the foggy conditions on the road at the time of the accident. According to one local news report, the fatal accident occurred on U.S. 231 near Park Place early on a Wednesday morning. The vehicle involved was a Ford F-150.

Evidently, the truck driver was heading westbound on U.S. 231 when suddenly the truck veered across several lanes of traffic and drove off the road. Prior to coming to a stop, however, the truck continued to roll several times. As the vehicle was rolling, the driver was ejected and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The cause of death was listed as blunt force trauma to the head, and the manner of death was listed as an accident.

Police were quick to note that, while no one witnessed the accident, they believe that the foggy conditions on U.S. 231 that day contributed significantly to the accident. With that said, an accident reconstruction team is in the midst of an investigation, and there may be additional factors soon to be determined.

Weather-Related Accidents on Indiana Roads

Now that the fall weather has rolled in, and the long summer nights are a thing of the past, foggy weather and other weather-related road conditions are going to be more and more common. In fact, each year around this time there is a marked increase in the total number of serious and fatal accidents that have “weather” listed as a partial or contributing cause.

It is important to remember that, even though the weather conditions are difficult to drive in, a driver still is expected to operate their vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. This may mean traveling below the posted speed limit when conditions require. In fact, Indiana drivers may be cited for traveling too fast for the current road conditions.

Recovering After an Indiana Accident

When a driver’s speeding or other negligent conduct, regardless of the weather conditions at the time, causes a serious or fatal accident, that driver can be held liable for the injuries caused as a result of their negligence. Of course, the accident victim must first prove that the defendant’s negligent act was the cause of their injuries. This is generally done with the assistance of a skilled personal injury advocate who has experience with this specific type of case. To learn more, contact an Indiana injury attorney today.

Have You Been Injured in a Weather-Related Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in any kind of car or truck accident that you believe may have been caused by the other driver failing to take appropriate precautions, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries. Of course, the other driver and his or her insurance will likely oppose any claims made, and an unprepared victim can be taken advantage of. To ensure that you are well represented throughout the entire trial process, call 888-532-7766 to set up a free consultation with a dedicated personal injury attorney.

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