Indiana Weather-Related Car Accidents Spike as March Ends with Major Ice Storm

Indiana motorists are accustomed to driving in a variety of conditions. March, in particular, has always been an unpredictable month when it comes to weather in Indiana. While some March days can be sunny and beautiful spring-like, others bring nasty winter storms reminiscent of the dead of winter.

Last week, the end of March brought a serious storm that coated the roads in a layer of snow and ice, making travel difficult for motorists. The wet snow turned into a sheet of ice as temperatures dipped below freezing. According to a local news report, authorities responded to 59 Indiana car accidents between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Of those, 18 crashes involved injuries. Thankfully, none were fatal; however, one woman was left in critical condition.

Authorities described the worst accident as a nine-car pile-up near Old Lafayette Square Mall. Evidently, that accident was the result of motorists losing control of their vehicles due to bridges being slicker than expected.

Motorists’ Duty to Slow Down During Inclement Weather

Under Indiana Code § 9-21-5-1, motorists “may not drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions.” The majority of the time, motorists can safely assume that if they drive at a speed close to the posted speed limit, they are being reasonable and prudent. However, that is not always the case.

During times of inclement weather, motorists must take account of all actual and potential hazards, and reduce their speed accordingly. A motorist’s failure to do so will result in a Class C traffic infraction, but more importantly, also increases the chance of causing a serious Indiana car accident.

Recovering after a Weather-Related Accident

Motorists who have been injured in an Indiana weather-related accident can file an Indiana personal injury lawsuit against the driver responsible for their injuries. If a motorist’s injuries were caused by another driver’s violation of a traffic law or criminal law, the accident victim may be able to use the fact that the defendant violated the law to help them prove their case.

In Indiana, a motorist who violates a criminal statute or ordinance may be found to have been negligent for the purposes of an Indiana personal injury lawsuit. For example, this would apply in an Indiana DUI accident. While a motorist’s violation of a traffic law will not automatically result in the defendant motorist being found to have been negligent, the violation will be considered evidence that the driver was negligent and can still help an injured motorist prove their case.

Have You Been Injured in an Indiana Car Accident?

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