Salmonella Outbreak Related to Bagged Peaches May Result in Indiana Product Liability Claims

Warmer weather also means an increase in the availability of fresh summer fruit. When grocery shopping, many consumers will pick up watermelons, ripe peaches, and fresh berries in celebration of the seasonal harvest. However, no one expects for the produce they bring home to cause them to become seriously ill. When something you purchased at the store causes you to feel sick or causes hospitalization, it is crucial that the store where you purchased the item is informed so the relevant authorities can identify the source of the issue. You may also be eligible for compensation through an Indiana product liability lawsuit.

According to a recent news article, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating bagged peaches as a potential source of a salmonella outbreak. A total of 68 people across nine states have fallen ill, with 14 hospitalized. According to authorities, the peaches were packaged and sold in two-pound, clear plastic bags starting June 1. All peaches that were bagged by the packing company in question have been recalled.

The peaches had been solely supplied by this particular packing company and had been shipped to stores in 16 states including Massachusetts, New York, Kentucky, Iowa, and Minnesota. The FDA is still conducting an investigation in order to gather more information about the source of contamination and how widely the produce was distributed.

According to health officials and experts, salmonella can easily enter and contaminate food almost anywhere in the chain of distribution. From the field or orchard where the produce was harvested to the facility where the fruit is packaged, potential origins of salmonella are endless. Health officials say that a person carrying salmonella could have even been the source.

The FDA is advising customers to discard all peaches they have at home, even peaches that have been previously frozen. Additionally, it is recommended not to consume any product that is made with peaches. Finally, health officials recommend additional cleaning of the area where peaches were kept, because the area may have come into contact with contaminated surfaces or containers, which could cause more people to get sick. Unfortunately, salmonella is able to survive in many environments, and can cause severe illness to those who are infected.

Products should always be safe for consumers. In Indiana, products liability law can cover many items. Perishable and non-perishable foods, for example, can be the basis of an Indiana product liability claim. If you have reason to believe that you have a product liability case, it is important to keep the packaging and paperwork that came with the product in order to identify the manufacturer and have evidence of proof of purchase and causation of the injury.

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