Winter Weather Car Accidents in Indiana

Those who have lived through an Indiana winter know that driving during the winter months can be a challenging experience. As a whole, Indiana gets over two feet of snow per year; however, certain areas in the north part of the state can see over five feet of snow per year. On top of that, Indiana gets over 42 inches of rain each year. Combine these levels of precipitation with the cold temperatures of an Indiana winter, and the result are icy roads that can be difficult to navigate, even at slow speeds. Not surprisingly, according to the most recent state government statistics, most Indiana car accidents occur in January.

Notwithstanding the difficulties that nasty weather can present, Indiana drivers have an obligation to always drive carefully. Drivers must take into account the weather conditions when getting behind the wheel and adjust their driving tendencies accordingly. For example, motorists should slow down and give other vehicles more room during times of inclement weather or reduced visibility. Despite this requirement, there were over 8,200 Indiana car accidents in 2018, where the cause was listed as, “speeding too fast for weather conditions.” In fact, approximately 20 percent of all Indiana traffic accidents in 2018 occurred during some type of adverse weather event.

Motorists who have been involved in an Indiana weather-related car accident may be able to recover compensation for the injuries they sustained in the crash. By contacting a dedicated Indiana personal injury lawyer, accident victims can learn more about how to pursue a claim for compensation.

Twelve Vehicles Involved in Southern Indiana Weather-Related Accident

Earlier this month, several vehicles were involved in an Indiana car accident in Bennettsville. According to a recent news report, the accident occurred early on a Friday morning, after a storm left several inches of snow on the road. Evidently, a Sergeant with the Indiana State Police described the road as an “ice sheet,” which was the result of road slush getting packed down as cars traveled over it. Initially, five vehicles collided on the highway. However, as other motorists approached the aftermath of the initial collision, several drivers were forced to veer off the road rather than crash into the disabled vehicles. In all, twelve vehicles were involved in the crash.

In addition to this accident, Indiana State Police reported being “swamped” with calls over the weekend from residents who were involved in weather-related traffic accidents.

Have You Been Injured in an Indiana Car Wreck?

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