Winter Slams Indiana Drivers

On March 26, Indianapolis’s morning commute was rife with weather related dangers. After a historic snowfall of 6.2 inches in Indianapolis Sunday and other records being broken throughout the state, Indiana first responders were confronted with a staggering 52 accidents on Tuesday morning between just the hours of 5am and 10am.A total of 9 inches over the past several days, slick driving conditions, and a shortage of contractor plows to handle the situation led to a commuter nightmare. Indiana Department of Public Works has typically followed a policy to utilize contractor plows if the snowfall exceeded 6 inches, however, this snowfall was not met with the same determination.

Weather Related Accidents
Obviously weather severely affects the risk of an automobile accident. Twenty-four percent of all accidents occur during bad weather and, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 11% of all traffic fatalities occur from accidents involving bad weather.

In the event of an auto accident suit, courts will take the weather into consideration. Where one is driving according to street signs and abiding by the speed limit, they may still be found negligent if the courts find that their speed was reckless given the road conditions. The speed limit may say 60 mph, but that does not permit a driver from hitting those speeds in a massive blizzard with little visibility.

Another negligent act may be the condition of your car and your car’s tires in the given weather. Tire threads become worn and, over time, tires become bald. Tires that your vehicle drives on in the summer may not be adequate in the harshness of winter. So when in doubt reviewing your manufacturer’s recommendations is highly advisable.

As evidenced by the March 26 commute, a driver may be cautious but, ultimately, find themselves at the mercy of the weather and the roads. Your decisions during a storm or when the roads are hazardous will determine your liability from, oftentimes, inevitable collisions. In the case, you have suffered an accident in inclement weather conditions, it is important to contact a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible to limit liability and assist in the navigating the world of insurance.

In the event you suffer a crash, breakdown, or are stranded due to any of the hazardous conditions it is important to limit your potential injuries and liabilities. Firstly, remain calm and stay in your car. Reduced visibility for other drivers and obvious steering impairments could severely endanger you on a snowy road. Secondly, attach a brightly colored bag or cloth to notify other drivers of a stalled vehicle. Thirdly, keep one window cracked for air circulation and keep your exhaust pipe from getting blocked and thereby leaking carbon monoxide into your tight auto cabin.

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