Zantac May Be Threatening Indiana Residents’ Health, FDA Calls for the Drug To Be Taken Out of the Market

Zantac is an over the counter drug used by many for acid reflux and heartburn. However, new research suggests that it may be causing cancer. According to a recent article, the United States Food and Drug Administration, responsible for regulating drugs across the country, is requesting that manufacturers pull Zantac from the market immediately because an ongoing investigation has found a human carcinogen in it. Apparently, the carcinogen—N-Nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA—can increase in the medication over time, posing a serious risk to public health and Indiana residents who may take the drug.

The FDA has sent letters to manufacturers asking them to withdraw the products from the market. Consumers are advised to stop taking any of the medication that they currently have, and to not buy any more. Additionally, consumers are asked to dispose of their unused Zantac, following the instructions in the medication guide or on the FDA website. If consumers need to continue taking medication for acid reflux or heartburn, they can take another approved medication that has not been found to have NDMA in it.

Although the announcement from the FDA was just made recently, concerns have been present for months. CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart all announced in September that they would no longer sell Zantac, and drugmaker Sanofi voluntarily recalled the drug in October.

Hopefully, the FDA’s recent announcement and their actions will be enough to prevent any more individuals from being harmed by the drug. However, Indiana consumers should keep in mind their legal rights if they do get sick after taking the drug. Indiana, like other states, allows those injured by a defective or dangerous product—including an over-the-counter drug—to sue the manufacturers and/or the sellers of the drug in a personal injury lawsuit. Although the effects of Zantac may not be present for a while, individuals who are injured may still be able to file a claim even if they have not taken the drug in months or years. These lawsuits, however, can be quite difficult and complicated, since the plaintiff will need to be able to show a link between the defective product and the resulting illness. Because of this, potential plaintiffs are encouraged to work closely with an Indiana personal injury and product liability lawyer familiar with this area of law, to maximize their chances of success.

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