Valparaiso Iron Worker Dies in Workplace Accident

Earlier last week, an iron worker in an ArcelorMittal plant died from blunt force trauma when a blast oxygen furnace rubble pit wall shield fell on top of him. According to a report by the Post-Tribune, the deceased was working alongside two other men to disassemble the large wall shield-measuring 6 x 20 feet-when it came loose and fell on the men.The men had performed the same task before without incident. However, this time after the shield had been freed, it was resting on a hoist chain that was not designed to support the shield’s entire weight. Eventually it began to come free. Two of the men were able to run out from under the falling wall shield in time to avoid the brunt of the impact. These two men suffered cuts and broken bones. However, the third man was unable to get out from under the falling shield and was crushed as it came down atop him.

The accident is being investigated by ArcelorMittal in conjunction with United Steelworkers. In addition, because there was a fatality, the Indiana Occupational Health and Safety Administration has launched an investigation of its own.

Workplace Accidents in Indiana

Due to the large amount of factory and farm workers in Indiana, the population here is exposed to higher than average workplace accident rates. In response, the Indiana Occupational Health and Safety Administration takes workplace injuries very seriously. A thorough investigation can be expected in any serious workplace injury resulting in death or serious bodily injury.

In most of these cases, injured employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation, a program designed to provide benefits to injured workers while they recover from accidents that occur at the workplace. Sometimes, however, the Workers’ Compensation Board will deny a claim and an individual must fight for their compensation. In these cases, it is best to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who knows the Workers’ Compensation system from first-hand experience.

Oftentimes a workplace accident could have been prevented had adequate precautions been taken by the employer. In these cases, regardless of how a the Workers’ Compensation board decided the case, an injured worker is entitled to bring suit against any negligent party that may have caused or contributed to the accident.

Have You Been Injured in a Workplace Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a workplace accident, you should retain the assistance of an experienced Indiana Workers’ Compensation law firm immediately. Do not leave it up to the employer to do what is right; in most cases they will not offer a full and fair settlement without facing a serious threat of litigation.

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