Semi-Truck Rolls Over onto Police Car, Injuring Several

Earlier this week, Indiana State Troopers responded to a call where a semi-truck had rolled over onto a police car near Indianapolis. According to a report by, the accident occurred on eastbound I-70. Apparently, the truck driver was near the police cruiser when it began to change lanes. Before the truck completed the lane change, however, the driver suddenly veered back into his own lane and crashed into the police car. As the semi-truck lost its load of steel sheets, the two vehicles spun out of control. Eventually the semi-truck came to a rest on top of the police cruiser.Both drivers, as well as a passenger in the police cruiser, were taken to the hospital for examination. All involved are in stable condition and are expected to recover. Police suspect that the semi-truck driver’s medical condition may have contributed to the accident. The driver was cited for an unsafe lane change.

Semi-Trucks Can Be Hazardous

Semi-trucks carry all kinds of goods across the country and are vital to our economy. However, the fact that so many of the drivers are under constant pressure to get to their destinations quickly can sometimes mean that commercial drivers are on the road when they shouldn’t be. This concern has led lawmakers to enact rules and regulations that require semi-truck drivers get a certain amount of rest during their trip. However, in some cases, these requirements are ignored and when they are, these semi-truck drivers are putting all drivers around them at risk.

Precautions To Take When Driving Near Big Trucks

The best thing to do when driving on the highway is to take precautions yourself, rather than assume that the truck driver is taking all the necessary precautions. For example, the following safety tips should always be kept in mind when on the highway:

  • Give semi-trucks and other large vehicles plenty of room;
  • Be sure to use turn signals and drive in a predictable manner; drivers of large vehicles do not have the control that drivers of smaller cars do;
  • Whenever you are in the car, make sure you wear a seatbelt;
  • Stay out of the truck driver’s blind spot;
  • When passing a semi-truck, do so quickly and be careful when merging back in front of the truck; and
  • Understand that semi-trucks make wider turns than other vehicles and be sure to give truck driver’s room to do so.

Have You Been Involved in a Semi-Truck Accident?

Sometimes, no matter what precautions a driver takes, there is nothing that a driver can do to avoid an accident with a truck driver. In these cases, the accident may have been due to the negligent driving of the truck driver.

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